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Are you planning any PMDD conferences? Have you held any in the US?
Are you planning any PMDD conferences? Have you held any in the US?

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In August 2015 the first PMDD Annual Conference took place in Colorado, USA.

This conference was the first opportunity for healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers to connect for the purpose of education, awareness, and support. From treatment options to tracking information, and PMDD research - this conference was open to patients and professionals. Since then, we went on to run conferences in Philadelphia and Florida. We also sponsored the UK conference run by PMDD and Me in 2019 and 2020 (sadly the latter was canceled due to Covid-19). These are live-streamed (and available on catch-up) to make them accessible.

We heard from conference participants and members of our community that attending a conference as a patient can be very costly and therefore, out of the grasp of so many people living with PMDD. This, coupled with our transition to being an international organization, we have decided to focus our efforts (and funding!) on online, accessible education for both patients and professionals. We see this as a better way to improve our impact on helping those around the globe gain an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment. As such, we are planning a schedule of educational podcasts, webinars, and events that will be available to all PMDD patients around the world.

You can read more about past and upcoming conferences here:

You can also purchase recordings of some previous presentations here:

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