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What does it mean when IAPMD says they are an 'evidence-based' organization?
What does it mean when IAPMD says they are an 'evidence-based' organization?

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Evidence-based practice is the deliberate use of current best evidence (research) in making decisions about patient care. Often, the “best evidence” is determined by an expert reviewing and comparing all of the treatment studies for a particular disorder, and determining which ones are best supported by all the scientific work (usually evidence-based practice isn’t based on just one study, as those can be unreliable).

IAPMD is committed to sharing evidence-based information to provide patients with unbiased information so they can make informed decisions for the best outcomes.

For some health care decisions, there may not (yet) be research, and in those cases, there may not be information on evidence-based approaches.

Evidence-based practice involves the incorporation of three components to improve outcomes and quality of life:

  1. External evidence includes systematic reviews

  2. Randomized Control Trials (RCTs)

  3. Best practice and clinical practice guidelines that support a change in clinical practice

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