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I have ADHD - do you have information on what research has been done on ADHD and PMDD?
I have ADHD - do you have information on what research has been done on ADHD and PMDD?

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This is a growing area of interest for many patients (and researchers!) - with awareness of both ADHD (in women/AFAB individuals) and PMDD increasing rapidly!

Only a small amount of research has been done on this important topic so far.

PME (premenstrual exacerbation) of ADHD

There is some evidence suggesting that for people with ADHD who menstruate, their ADHD symptoms may worsen at specific points in their menstrual cycle (typically, perimenstrually*, as estrogen levels are lower). This is called premenstrual exacerbation of ADHD. However, there is not yet enough research to estimate what percent of people have premenstrual exacerbation of ADHD.

Also, unfortunately not much is known over the long term about PME of ADHD since most rigorous studies examine PMDD/PME over the course of only a few months. PME of ADHD may also vary based on an individual’s treatment decisions (e.g., medications or therapy for ADHD) and other health factors that could impact attention.


People can have ADHD in addition to PMDD . This means that they have ADHD, and in the premenstrual timeframe have PMDD symptoms in addition to ADHD.

It can be useful to track your symptoms carefully on a daily basis to try and ‘unpick’ these patterns and how (and when!) symptoms are impacting you - this is useful for planning your time and also gives you information to speak with your provider.

*This means around the time of your menstrual bleed - as opposed to premenstrual which would mean in the time leading up to your period.

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