Dr. Lolas believes that PMDD is an illness generated by inflammatory secretions (prostaglandins and inflammatory molecules) of the cervix. This is merely his opinion (or hypothesis), and there is not currently any scientific evidence to determine whether this hypothesis is true. He provides treatments in which he injects the cervix with various agents in an attempt to reverse the processes he believes are causing PMDD. 

While some of Dr. Lolas’ patients have reported positive results from this treatment, others have reported that the benefits did not last. It can also be very costly to be seen by Dr. Lolas’ as he is one of the few providers in the world offering this treatment. 

At this time, we do not know if they are safe or effective.

There have been a few studies already showing increased systemic inflammation in females self-diagnosed with PMS/PMDD, but it’s not clear yet whether that will hold up in a carefully-diagnosed sample, or whether inflammation is a cause or an effect of PMDD symptoms. However, even if systemic or brain inflammation plays a role in PMDD, there is no particular reason (or evidence) to suspect that this inflammation comes from the cervix as he hypothesizes.

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