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About PMDD

Common questions about Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

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What is DRSP, and why is it important for PMDD Diagnosis and research?

What is PMDD?
What can ‘trigger’ PMDD to start?
Is there just one type of PMDD?
How long has PMDD existed?
How can I stay up-to-date with what is going on surrounding PMDD?
Are there different severities of PMDD? I have been reading a lot online and mine seems mild compared to other people.
If my symptoms last into my period does that mean it is still PMDD?
Can teenagers have/develop PMDD?
Can PMDD symptoms last longer than 2 weeks a month and get more severe over time? Can PMDD cause chronic anxiety and depression?
What is the DSM-5 where I heard PMDD is listed?
How long has the medical community recognized PMDD? How is it classified (mental illness, hormonal imbalance, genetic)?
What is the difference between PMS and PMDD?
I’m interested in a clinical trial for PMDD treatment. I’ve had difficulty finding relief and am willing to participate in clinical trials.
Does the Covid Vaccine have an impact on PMDD? Is there any research on this?
How do I find out/know how many people have PMDD in my country?
Is there any research about PMDD in Black women/AFAB individuals?
Where did the 30% suicide stat come from?
Does PMDD get worse after having children/pregnancies?
Is PMDD hereditary? I am worried my child/children will suffer from PMDD too. Will my children get PMDD?
Does an individual with PMDD or PME have a higher risk of experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety, and/or psychosis?
I have PMDD - How will I respond to being pregnant or giving birth?
How will I respond to fertility treatment if I have PMDD?
What percentage of the Queer community has PMDD?
Is PMDD pathologizing the “female experience?
I have PMDD; how will I feel during the menopause transition (perimenopause)?
Does PMDD go away at Menopause?
Does PMDD qualify as an 'autoimmune disease'?
Is there a scholarship for individuals with PMDD that want to pursue college/university?