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About PMDD
Common questions about Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
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How many people with PMDD also have ADHD or Autism?

Does a hormone intolerance have anything to do with PMDD? Can PMDD become a hormone intolerance and not just a sensitivity to the fluctuations of hormones?
Does the Covid Vaccine have an impact on PMDD? Is there any research on this?
What is the relationship between PMDD and addiction?
Is PMDD hereditary? I am worried my child/children will suffer from PMDD too. Will my children get PMDD?
Can PMDD symptoms last longer than 2 weeks a month and get more severe over time? Can PMDD cause chronic anxiety and depression?
How do I find out/know how many people have PMDD in my country?
Does an individual with PMDD or PME have a higher risk of experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety, and/or psychosis?
Why do I feel suicidal in my PMDD phase?
What percentage of the Queer community has PMDD?
Is there just one type of PMDD?
Is there a relationship between adrenaline and PMDD?
Are there different severities of PMDD? I have been reading a lot online and mine seems mild compared to other people.
If my symptoms last into my period does that mean it is still PMDD?
What can ‘trigger’ PMDD to start?
What is PMDD?
Can teenagers have/develop PMDD?
Is PMDD caused by a hormone imbalance?
Is PMDD the same as luteal phase progesterone deficit?
What is the role of inflammation and PMDD?
Does PMDD cause heavy periods?
Is PMDD the same as endometriosis? What is the difference?
What is the connection between GABA and PMDD?
What is the difference between PMS and PMDD?
How long has PMDD existed?
Does PMDD cause heavy periods?
Can you have PMDD as well as Bipolar Disorder?
How is PMDD different than bipolar disorder?
What is happening with the hormonal levels in those with PMDD? Is it high cortisol, high estrogen, or high insulin levels? What lab work shows PMDD?
What is the DSM-5 where I heard PMDD is listed?
Where did the 30% suicide stat come from?
How can I stay up-to-date with what is going on surrounding PMDD?
Does PMDD get worse after having children/pregnancies?
Is PMDD pathologizing the “female experience?
I have PMDD; how will I feel during the menopause transition (perimenopause)?
Is blood pressure impacted by PMDD?
Is there a relationship between PMDD and premenstrual migraines?
What is an anovulatory cycle?
What is the role of stress, PTSD, and/or trauma in PMDD?
I have PMDD - How will I respond to being pregnant or giving birth?
Does PMDD qualify as an 'autoimmune disease'?
Is there a connection between Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and PMDD?
Are those with PMDD considered at higher risk of getting the coronavirus?
Does PMDD go away at Menopause?
How long has the medical community recognized PMDD? How is it classified (mental illness, hormonal imbalance, genetic)?
Is there a scholarship for individuals with PMDD that want to pursue college/university?

I was recently diagnosed with pmdd and prescribed Yaz. Will this help increase my sex drive?
Does Vitamin D help with PMDD?
Is ablation a treatment for PMDD? Can it worsen PMDD?
If I am already on an SSRI, which is helpful throughout the month but the SSRI isn’t accomplishing enough specifically during PMDD, what are the options that I could “add on” to their treatment of the SSRI? Specifically “add-on” during PMDD?
What about using Bazedoxifene (selective estrogen receptor modulator) instead of progestogens for endometrial protection during cycle suppression or HRT with estradiol?
Should PROVERA be prescribed for people with PMDD who have a late period?
Is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) a recommended treatment option for PMDD? Is it evidence-based?
I read about a new potential treatment option for PMDD (Ulipristal acetate) - when will I be able to try it?
Does the BC pill deplete you of necessary vitamins and, if so, what supplements should be taken?
Does Vitamin D help with PMDD?
What are the evidence-based treatment options for PMDD?
How Do I Know If I Am Progesterone Intolerant?
Do SSRIs work for PMDD?
What is the difference between all the SSRIs?
Are SSRIs actually a ‘hormonal’ treatment?
My SSRI is helping, but not enough. What should I do?
Was PMDD made up by “big pharma” to sell more Prozac?
What is 5-HTP and is it a treatment for PMDD?
When reading about different treatments for PMDD, I notice 'RCT’s' mentioned - what are they?
Where can I learn more about surgery for PMDD?
Is there a difference between ‘Yaz’ and ‘Yazmin’ birth control pills?
Can you take SSRIs while pregnant or trying to conceive?
For surgery for PMDD do both ovaries need to be removed or can they just take one? Does having just one ovary mean that I will have half the hormone levels?
Are there any lifestyle choices people can make which will help them maintain a good relationship between hormones and mental health?
Is the new nasal spray, Esketamine (Spravato), approved for treating suicidal individuals helpful for those affected by PMDD?
Can I skip the sugar pills of my birth control pills to treat my PMDD? Should I take my pill continuously or take the break to have a bleed every month?
Have you heard whether the hormonal IUD (“Mirena”) helps with PMDD? My doctor thinks it might help because it gets rid of your period.
What happened to the PMDD-specific treatment (Sepranalone) that was being developed?
What is the impact of hormonal IUDs (specifically Mirena/levonorgestrel IUD) on PMDD symptoms?
Are mood stabilizers effective in treating PMDD?
Can progesterone cream help PMDD?
Is finasteride an effective treatment for PMDD?
Can estrogen treatment (pill, gel, patch, implant, etc.) help relieve PMDD symptoms?
Medical cannabis is now legal in many places! Is there any evidence it helps PMDD?
I’ve heard about the Chilean doctor, Jorge Lolas, who claims he has cured people of PMDD. Is there any scientific basis to support Dr. Lolas’ treatment approach?
Is there any "compassionate grounds," such as people suffering from PMDD, which leads to early release of medications going through the clinical trial process?