Hormone sensitivity can underlie both PMDD and perinatal mood symptoms. Some women/AFAB are sensitive to the hormone changes across the cycle, but can tolerate the hormone levels/changes in pregnancy just fine. 

While others can tolerate hormone changes across the cycle, but can't tolerate the hormone levels/changes in pregnancy. 

Other people struggle with both. 

As PMDD is a condition that occurs during the premenstrual phase, of the cycle it can not be called PMDD during pregnancy when the menstrual cycle is absent. In other words, PMDD does not exist (i.e. goes dormant) during pregnancy. What can exist, however, is a continued sensitivity to hormone fluctuations. Some people experience an increase of symptoms during the first trimester when hormones are beginning to surge while others experience no symptoms during pregnancy.

PMDD, PME, Perinatal Depression, and Postpartum Depression (PPD/PND) are specific conditions that deserve special care and treatment, most women and AFAB individuals don't have mood symptoms across the cycle or pregnancy.

If you are concerned, please do reach out to a Health Care Professional for additional support to be put in place.

If you would like to talk about how pregnancy and postpartum may impact you, please reach out to an IAPMD Peer Support Provider for free and confidential support.

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