How soon will I be able to urinate or poop normally?

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It is likely you will be catheterized for surgery once you under the anesthetic. Catheterization is when a small flexible tube is inserted into the urethra for draining urine from the bladder whilst you are unconscious. 

The catheter is usually removed 12-24 hours after the surgery and urination often gets back to ‘normal’ pretty quickly. 


Painkillers and anesthesia can make you constipated and so some people find they will need medication to help them poop after surgery. It can take a couple of days for a bowel movement to occur.

Avoid straining if you are constipated as you will have multiple internal stitches that need to heal. Ensure you drink plenty of fluids when you wake up from surgery to help your bowels!

Patients commonly recommend getting a ‘poop stool’ (a small stool or step) to put your feet up on when trying to poop - this keeps your knees up and puts your body in a better position to not be straining.

If you have any concerns about either of these do seek help from a healthcare professional.

Visit for lots of evidence based information and resources for those considering, going through or recovering from surgery for PMDD/PME.

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