How do I know if my wounds are healing properly?

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During your pre-operation meeting with the surgeon, ask them what your healing process should look like, along with any information about how your wounds will look, how quickly they should heal, and any scarring that you might have in the long-term. 

As you heal at home, look out for:

(1) increases in swelling or redness, and/or
(2) more than a drop or two of blood or fluid, and/or
(3) an unusual smell. 

Follow up with your doctor if you are concerned that your wounds are not healing normally. 

If you had an abdominal hysterectomy, the way the wound/scar looks will change over time, and may not reach its final appearance for around one year. The area may feel either sensitive when touched or numb; both of these are normal.

Visit for lots of evidence-based information and resources for those considering, going through or recovering from surgery for PMDD/PME.

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