How can I track my surgical menopause symptoms?

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Tracking symptoms in surgical menopause can be useful for you and your provider to help titrate any medication/lifestyle changes that you may need to feel your best in surgical menopause. Do bear in mind that during the first year it is likely you will experience ‘bumps in the road’ as your body adjusts to the loss of ovaries and, therefore, the main source of estrogen. HRT may need adjusting over time, but be mindful that any changes will take time to settle and the surge can cause unpleasant symptoms for a short time.

Paper Tracker

If you prefer a paper copy, you can print out this handy symptoms tracker by following the link to our Surgical Menopause Downloads.

Print double-sided to have space to make additional notes and make 12 copies to last you the year!

Find a free, printable version of the tracker here:


Dr Louise Newson, who is on the IAPMD Surgical Menopause Committee, has launched an app specifically for tracking menopause symptoms (this is inclusive of surgical menopause). Balance allows you to track your symptoms, access personalized expert content, share stories, and lots more. It is not PMDD/hormone sensitivity specific but is very comprehensive.

Visit for lots of evidence-based information and resources for those considering, going through or recovering from surgery for PMDD/PME.

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