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Are LGBTQIA+ people with PMDD at a higher risk for suicide?
Are LGBTQIA+ people with PMDD at a higher risk for suicide?

Keywords: Suicide prevention. Queer. Non-binary. Trans.

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Whilst there is no specific research on PMDD & LGBTQIA+ individuals risk factors, other research shows that trans individuals are broadly at higher risk for suicide (along with many other things, like depression, substance use, homelessness, physical health problems, occupational difficulties etc). This could interact with other risk factors, such as whether someone is experiencing menstrual-related symptoms; however, little research has examined that specifically. 

One interesting and potentially hopeful finding is that having even one supportive adult reduces this risk for LGBTQ youth, suggesting that if more affirming and welcoming people and spaces are provided to trans people, these disparities may lessen. 

This is part of why at IAPMD, we are committed to supporting all individuals with premenstrual disorders, including trans men and nonbinary/genderqueer individuals.

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Accreditation: Jessica R. Peters, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University & IAPMD CAB member

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