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Can teenagers have/develop PMDD?
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Yes. PMDD can be present from the first period.

This is not the case for everyone with PMDD - it can also develop later in the reproductive lifetime.

“PMDD affects 3-8% of women in their reproductive years, with symptoms usually emerging during a woman’s twenties. These symptoms may worsen over time; for example, it has been observed that some women may experience worsening premenstrual symptoms as they enter into menopause. Less commonly, PMDD may begin during adolescence, with case reports suggesting that successful treatment options in adolescents with PMDD are similar to those used for adult women” - MGH Center for Women’s Health

Some studies show that adolescents have PMDD at rates similar to that of adults. (Parker, Sneddon and Arbon 2010; Steiner et al. 2011)

If you are a teen/younger person and looking for support from fellow peers - you can join the IAPMD - Young PMDD Support Group. Our Youth Advisory Board is currently building tools and resources specifically for younger people with a PMD - so keep your eyes peeled on our website!

If you are a parent/carer and would like to connect with other parents raising a young person with PMDD - you can join the IAPMD - Parents of PMDD Support Group.

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