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Can transgender men have PMDD?
Can transgender men have PMDD?

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Yes. A trans man is someone who was AFAB (assigned female at birth) but their gender identity is male. Some transmasculine individuals may identify as nonbinary (i.e., an AFAB person not identifying as either a man or woman and whose gender expression is more masculine). Non-binary individuals may or may not choose to undergo physical transition steps (such as hormones or surgery).

If individuals still have ovaries (or an ovary), then they will still have a menstrual cycle (unless controlled by cycle suppression i.e. continuous birth control) and therefore they can, of course, have PMDD. For some transmasculine individuals, menstruation also causes distress through increased gender dysphoria. Transgender individuals with PMDD often do not receive the support that they need and deserve, and they may feel unwelcome or excluded from spaces providing PMDD support if language that assumes female gender identity is used. At IAPMD, we work to create spaces welcoming to all genders affected by PMDD.

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