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What percentage of the Queer community has PMDD?
What percentage of the Queer community has PMDD?

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There is currently no evidence regarding the percentage of the queer community with PMDD. PMDD in queer individuals (both sexual and gender minorities) is unfortunately understudied, so there isn’t a simple answer to this question.

In order to provide a clear answer to this question, a scientist would need to recruit a large representative sample of naturally-cycling individuals from the queer community (probably at least 200 randomly-sampled individuals) to complete daily mood ratings across two cycles. Standardized methods would then be applied to determine which individuals are experiencing cyclical emotional changes like PMDD or PME. Finally, one could calculate the percentage of the sample with these changes in their daily ratings.

This work has not yet been done, but should be done in order to understand the percentage of the queer naturally-cycling community with PMDD or PME.

It is also hard to answer since there are many different groups within the queer community and only some may be at risk for PMDD given that only AFAB individuals not taking hormones that suppress the cycle are at risk for PME (though other individuals may have other types of influences of hormones on mood).

That said, we know hormone sensitivity is more common in individuals with mood disorders. suicidality, and some other forms of mental health difficulties (CITE), and that LGBTQ+ individuals are at higher risk for these mental health issues (CITE), so it is certainly plausible that LGBTQ+ people are at higher risk for PMDD/PME.

More research needs to be done.

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