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How will I respond to fertility treatment if I have PMDD?
How will I respond to fertility treatment if I have PMDD?

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Unfortunately, there is no fixed answer to this. This will depend on the type of fertility intervention you are trialing and how you respond as an individual to that treatment.

It is important to know that any hormonal treatments can be difficult for those with hormone sensitivities (such as PMDD and/or PME) as the sensitive brain can react to any fluctuations/surges in estrogen/progesterone causing difficult emotional (and sometimes physical) symptoms.

Fertility treatment can be stressful, so we recommend ensuring you have support and speak with your provider about any concerns before treatments. It can also be useful to plan this treatment at a time when you have fewer commitments/stressors, so you have some space if you feel unwell.

We would also recommend joining peer support groups to speak with others who have been through similar experiences and gain support.

Added August 2023.

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