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How can I find a doctor that is knowledgeable in surgical menopause and hormone sensitivities such as PMDD & PME?
How can I find a doctor that is knowledgeable in surgical menopause and hormone sensitivities such as PMDD & PME?

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It is important to be under the care of a healthcare professional who understands surgical menopause and your particular health concerns-- particularly your needs for hormone therapy to reduce the long-term health risks associated with surgical menopause. We understand that this is sometimes a challenge.

With this in mind, we have created a directory of providers across the world who have been recommended by other patients with PMDD. These providers are either recommended to this directory by other patients with PMDD or are providers who have made the commitment to properly diagnose and treat PMDD patients. In February 2020 we updated the system so you can 'filter' the options to find out specialists - so make sure you search for those who help with surgical menopause.

Please note that not all providers listed are aware that another patient has recommended them. When contacting the practice do inquire about their experience of treating people with PMDD/surgical menopause and ensure you are comfortable with their level of knowledge and what they can offer.

It can be very challenging to find a health care provider who is well informed on symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options for PMDD/surgical menopasue. It is not uncommon for those with PMDD to meet with several doctors before finding a provider that is right for them - Do not give up though. We strongly advise you to keep trying until you find the right person to help you.

Menopause Clinics

Many countries have menopause clinics or menopause specialists, and you can usually find these online - we would recommend searching through reputable organizations for accredited and knowledgeable practitioners. Some countries also have their own Menopause Society, so it is worth researching if there is an association near you to check for accredited and experienced practitioners. Some examples of such organizations can be found here:

Accreditation: SMAC

Visit for lots of evidence-based information and resources for those considering, going through or recovering from surgery for PMDD/PME.

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