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PMDD, Surgery & Surgical Menopause
General questions about PMDD, surgery and surgical menopause (PMDD & PME focus)
General questions about PMDD, surgery and surgical menopause (PMDD & PME focus)
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What is surgical menopause?
What are the symptoms of Surgical Menopause?
What is the ‘success/satisfaction’ rate for THBSO/surgery in treatment for PMDD?
How does surgical menopause influence estrogen levels?
How is surgical menopause different from the natural menopause?
My Doctor wants to just do a hysterectomy but leave my ovaries in - will this get rid of PMDD?
Do I still need to have pap smears after the surgery? Does keeping or not keeping my cervix change that?
What are the other reasons that someone might need or want to be in surgical menopause?
I had pre-eclampsia in pregnancy - will it recur in surgical menopause?
How do I know if I am progesterone intolerant? For surgery for PMDD, how does this alter the process/procedure?
Should I take HRT the whole time I am in chemical menopause or start a few months in? What if I was not prescribed HRT by my Dr?
What different options are there for Hysterectomy and Oophorectomy surgery?
What do all the acronyms mean? e.g. BO, BSO, THBO and THBSO?
Where can I find help and support for surgical menopause?
I have PMDD - what is the process for getting approved for surgery?
For the treatment of PMDD can I leave my ovaries in and just have the hysterectomy?
Will having a Total Hysterectomy / BSO affect my other pelvic organs?
Where can I find a glossary of terms to explain Surgical Menopause acronyms?
What other organs produce estrogen, progesterone and testosterone? What happens when the ovaries are removed?
Is Surgical Menopause the same as Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI)?
How can I find a doctor that is knowledgeable in surgical menopause and hormone sensitivities such as PMDD & PME?
What do I need to consider regarding having my cervix removed?
I have PMDD and adenomyosis - Will having my uterus removed cure adenomyosis?